Nicaea: The Red House

My name is Noah Gunderson, and it is such an honor to be president of the House of Nicaea for the 2016-17 school year! I remember as a Junior High student, Nicaea was so fun and competitive, and as president, I am going to make sure this will happen. I have always dreamed of serving the House of Nicaea, and now that I finally have the chance to, I am going to make sure Nicaea gives all we have this year. Nicaea is made up of some very great and talented students, and I believe this is the year for Nicaea to gain our reputation back and become the winning house again. 

This year, Nicaea has one of the best leadership teams out there. These students are very involved in the House system and are ready to give a lot to Nicaea this year. As Vice President, we have Jesse Zurovchak, who will be the Special Projects Coordinator and a huge help to me. As our Junior Captains, we have Patrick Schulman and Charlie Ryan, who will be stepping it up this year, and are very important to Nicaea’s success this year. While Jesse and I are the face of the House, they will be doing a lot of the work, and will have a big impact on the House this year. Our Prefects this year are Sarah Gunderson and Haben Tijar. These girls are very hard working and creative, which is perfect for their positions in the House. Haben’s creativity earns her the Public Relations Chair, and she will be designing advertisements and making our upcoming House events be heard of. Sarah will be the Fundraising Chair this year, being the money-earner for the House, and allowing Nicaea to get enough money to have fun House events. Our Junior High Representatives are Michael Cabrera and Julia Jackson. Michael is very into sports, so he will be our Sports Associate, and will be organizing our House sporting events. Julia will be our Service Chair, because she is very nice, caring, and serving towards our school. This leadership team is going to be ready and fired up next year, and lead Nicaea to victory!

Noah Gunderson 
Nicaea House President

2016-17 Photos

1st Home Football Game

2nd Home Football Game

JH Home Football Game

Homecoming Game 2016

Nicaea at the volleyball game

2015-16 Photos

1st Football Game

2014-15 Photos

1st JV Football Game

1st Varsity Football Game 18-8 a win!!!

JV Volleyball Game

at the Homecoming game

Senior Night for football

2013-14 Photos

C-Pride for Nicaea

Nicaea at the Fun Run

C-Pride award at a volleyball game.

C-Pride award at a junior high football game

Ms. Rombalski joining in on another Nicaea C-Pride award!

Homecoming Game

House Motto: Veritas, Virtus, Triumphus (“Truth, Virtue, Triumph”)
House Saint: St. Peter, Holy Apostle, First Pope, and Martyr
Council of Nicaea: 325 AD

It was the First Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church.

Its principal task was to affirm the full divinity of Jesus Christ in response to the Arian heresy that Christ was only a creature.

The Council composed the Nicene Creed.

Noah Gunderson
​Nicaea House President

Jesse Zurovchak

Patrick Schulman
Charlie Ryan


Haben Tijar
Sarah Gunderson


Michael Cabrera
Julia Jackson

Junior High Representatives