Lyons: The House That Is Always Better

Hello everyone! My name is Jonah Gunderson and I am honored to be the President of Lyons in this 2016-2017 school year. I have been in Lyons leadership for as long as I can remember and am beyond excited to be President of Lyons this year. Throughout the years, I have seen Lyons grow as a family and show the potential to become the winning House. As Lyons President, I will not stop working until I have brought out the potential of each member of Lyons, bringing our House to victory. During this school year, I will show Lyons member how to become the best version of themselves spiritually, economically, and athletically.

My leadership team and I are already discussing ways to benefit the House in every way possible. My high school leadership team consists of Emma Jones, Jordan Daly, Madeleine Hardt, Regina Munoz and Rosie Stagliano. My very enthusiastic junior high representatives are Alex Plati and Jackson Lehmann. Emma Jones is Lyons Vice-President and she is our special projects coordinator, overseeing all the events Lyons will be holding such a Lyons lock-ins and lunches. Jordan Daly and Madeleine Hardt are the Captains and they are the real work force for the House of Lyons, being in charge of the House’s day-to-day operations. Regina Munoz, our fundraising chair, will be responsible for all the profits and sales of our House this year. Rosie Stagliano, our PR chair, will make all the events of Lyons known to each House throughout the year. Jackson Lehmann, our service chair, will make sure that the House of Lyons has two service projects during the year, one for each semester. Alex Plati, our sports associate, will be in charge of our flex periods and he will make sure that the House of Lyons has lots of enthusiasm.

The Lyons leadership team, along with the rest of our House, entails many outstanding members who are just as passionate as I am about making our House victorious. I cannot wait to see what the year has in store for Lyons and I know that we can make Lyons better, always better.

Jonah Gunderson
Lyons President

2016-17 Photos

1st Home Football Game

1st Home VBall Game

2nd Home Football Game

Lyon at the volleyball game

2015-16 Photos

1st Home Game



Football Game

Lyon at 2nd football game

2014-15 Photos

The return of Chris Sequeira to the House of Lyon at senior night.

2013-14 Photos

Lenny Jimenez working at the Fun Run

Chris, Eve, Stephanie, Ciara and Drew at the Fun Run representing Lyon!

Great group shot of Lyon at the Fun Run

Senior Russell Clark winning the Man of HSP Contest!

Lyon President's Board Meeting

C-Pride award for Lyon

Lyon at the junior high football game

Lyon House Lunch

Kate showing Lyon pride

5th grade Lyon members

Sun shining down on Lyon

Selina and Emma at the Gauntlet

C-Pride Single at a Basketball Game

Ciara Doyle is a very happy Logos Competition winner!!!

House Motto: Semper Melius ("Always better")
House Saint: St. Jude
Council of Lyons: March 31,1272

Drew up plans for a crusade to recover the Holy Land.

The Council wanted to unify the Eastern and Western Churches after the Great Schism.

Dealt with the reform of the Church, several bishops and abbots were deposed for unworthiness, but both the Dominicans and the Franciscans were approved.

Prescribed that cardinals were to wear a red hat.

Jonah Gunderson
Lyons House President

Emma Jones

Jordan Daly
Madeleine Hardt


Regina Munoz
Rosie Stagliano


Alex Plati
Jackson Lehmann

Junior High Representatives‚Äč