Chalcedon: Back-to-Back Champs

Hello! My name is Shane Woolson and I am so excited to lead the house of Chalcedon for my senior year! One of my most memorable moments since I have been at Holy Spirit Prep was being placed into Purple House. Although I did not know much about the House system at the time, the three-headed dog fascinated me, and after meeting the leaders of my house, I knew I would be happy where I was. Through the House of Chalcedon, I made some great friendships with upperclassmen that I never could have made if it were not for Chalcedon. Since I had such a great experience, I knew that once I got to high school, I would want to do the same for those younger than me. I served as prefect for the House in 9th and 10th grade, and also had the privilege of being a captain last year. These three years of leadership have taught me a lot about what it takes to be president, and also have taught me about what it takes to lead the House in an athletic, social, and spiritual aspect. Along with the help of our new leadership team I am fully confident that we will be capable of fulfilling our roles and hopefully leading our house to victory once again!

The members of our leadership team are John Radosta, Emma Bohling, Cristina Cunningham, Jack Voss, Elizabeth Perez, Patrick Radosta and Paydn Devine. John is our Vice-President and was also captain along side me last year. There is no doubt in my mind we will make a great team in leading this House and each member individually. Emma and Cristina will be taking up our previous roles as Captains. They also were leadership last year and served as the two prefects. They are both strong and capable workers, and are also very friendly and will help to do a great job in keeping the House the family it is. Jack and Elizabeth will be serving as prefects and make a great dynamic duo. They have great work effort and also help Chalcedon greatly in the House competitions! Along with them are the junior high representatives, John and Paydn. I am probably most excited about these two because their role is to act as the bridge between the Lower School and Upper School students and to keep the members of our House connected. I cannot wait to become friends with these two and all of the others in their grade. This house is one big, great group of friends and we make the best team. I cannot wait to serve the members of Chalcedon to the best of my ability and in doing so hope to lead us to a three-peat!

Veni! Vidi! Vici!
Shane Woolson
House President

2016-17 Photos

1st Home Football Game

1st Home VBall Game

2nd Home Football Game

2015-16 Photos

2nd football game

2014-15 Photos

1st Varsity Football Game of the Season 18-8 a win!!!

2nd Home Game

At the BCA game. A Cougar win 27-6!!!

At the Homecoming game with their Queen!

On "merica Monday" during Homecoming Week!

Senior Night for Football with some alumni!

2013-14 Photos

Fun Run!

Chalcedon's two entries into the Mr. HSP Contest. Blake Weekly and Will Gensler

Will and Blake dressed up for the spirit portion of the Mr. HSP contest

C-Pride award at a junior high football game

House President Mia Voss at the Fun Run

Mr. Radosta a.k.a. Mr Sunshine!

Senior Susie Merrick in Jamaica helping out with Mustard Seed

Vinny going all out for Chalcedon to sell chicken biscuits

Mateo Zarama helping out the Cougar football team

Junior Meredith Jones putting her baking skills to good use for her house at a tailgate

This is how we picture Mia Voss taking care of her house

Homecoming pep rally warm up match! Battle of the Mascots

Chalcedon Cheer Section

Irish Champion Peter Casey took on Chinese Champion Jerry "I'm amazingly good" Gao during the Pep Rally.

Chalcedon 7th graders during the Gauntlet challenge!

Senior Mateo Zarama racing through the math problems before the dreaded army crawl and donut challenge portion of the Gauntlet.

Ginger Bread City on House Day

The Chalcedon Sleigh

Human Present in the form of Mr. Torres

House Motto: Veni vidi vici ("I came, I saw, I conquered")
House Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas
Chalcedon Council: October 8 - November 1, 451

Principle purpose: Assert the orthodox Catholic doctrine against the heresy of Eutyches and Monophysites

Issued the "Chalcedonian Definition," repudiating the notion of a single nature of Christ, and defined that he has two natures in one person; insisted on the completeness of his two natures: God and manhood

Shane Woolson
Chalcedon House President

John Radosta

Emma Bohling
Cristina Cunningham


Jack Bohling
Elizabeth Perez


Patrick Radosta
Paydn Devine

Junior High Representatives