Welcome to the Holy Spirit Prep House System!



My name is Natalie Casal and I am so honored to be able to serve HSP as head girl for the 2016- 2017 school year.  Holy Spirit Preparatory School is a unique community, a community that I will always be proud to be a part of. It is a place where teachers truly care about the personal growth of every student, where friends encourage each other to achieve excellence, and where scholars, thespians, and athletes all sit at the same lunch table. It is a place founded in faith, where each day begins and ends in the name of the Trinity. My eleven years here have been a blessing, and as Head Girl, I want to make sure that each student across all three campuses truly finds a home here as I have.

Holy Spirit Prep has many wonderful traditions; a forbidden staircase, a tying ceremony, and cookie breaks are just a few. The House System is the foundation of all these traditions, and I look forward to working with the house leadership this year to make sure that each student also finds a home within their House.

I hope to follow the wonderful example of my predecessor, Lauren Bohling, and I am looking forward to a fun filled year of friendly rivalry under the House System.

With the help of Head Boy, Cole Austin, and the House leadership team, I am confident that we can make this a wonderful year!

Natalie Casal
Head Girl

Hello, my name is Cole Austin, and I am very privileged to serve as the Head Boy of Holy Spirit Preparatory School for the 2016-2017 school year. It is my pleasure to serve this amazing school community with Head Girl, Natalie Casal.

My first year at Holy Spirit was 2013. I came as an awkward freshmen who had no idea what they were in for. It did not take me long, however, to learn that Holy Spirit Prep was the place for me. Every fellow classman I met on my first day showed me that I could be who I was created to be at this place. I have found the Shire. 

Thus far at Holy Spirit Prep, I have had a plethora of opportunity to develop my intellect, my social skills, and most importantly, my soul. Through our integrated faith learning, I have learned to serve God in all I do, and this message is exactly what I want to spread to all students, teachers, and parents of HSP as Head Boy. 

I am very excited to serve the school community this year. It is my ambition to make this upcoming school year the best Holy Spirit has seen alongside the whole leadership team. 

Peace be with you,
Cole Austin
Head Boy 

The House System at Holy Spirit Prep encompasses all that is wonderful with our community.  Students enter our community and are “tied” into their own family which they will call their house for the rest of their lives.  Our alumni love to return to campus and check up on their house. 

Key aspects of the House System include:

•Service Projects
•Sponsoring School Events, i.e., Homecoming, Spring Dance, Junior High Night (coming 2016/17), and House Days
•House Feast Days
•Hosting School Athletic and non-Athletic Contests
•Sharing Meals Together
•Academic and Peer Mentoring

Leadership Opportunities include:

Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for being the “faces” of HSP.  They are the leaders of the student body and partake in all aspects of our community, including being members of the Honor Council and Leadership Council.

President and Vice President (1 of each per house, Seniors): Presidents lead their respective house with the guidance of the faculty House Master/Mistress.  Presidents are members of the Leadership Council.

Captains (2 per house, Juniors)
Prefects (2 per house, Freshmen or Sophomores)
Junior High Reps (2 per house, 8th graders)