For International Applicants

Holy Spirit Prep welcomes applications from international students who are prepared for the rigors of academic life and wish to become active members of our school’s community.  In order to successfully engage in all that Holy Spirit Prep has to offer, it is very important that all international students demonstrate a high level of English proficiency.  While focusing on their academic success, we also encourage students to take full advantage of extracurricular activities, sports and community events in order to fully immerse themselves in American culture, further developing their language skills and facilitating lasting friendships with their classmates. 

Applicants from China:
Holy Spirit Prep partners with the Cambridge Institute of International Education, a company dedicated to assisting international students with obtaining educational opportunities in the United States.  All international students coming from China must work through The Cambridge Institute of International Education. To submit an application or if you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact our consultants at The Cambridge Institute at

Applicants from All Other

International Students from all other countries who are interested in attending Holy Spirit Preparatory School should contact Jessie Jiang, International Program Coordinator at

​​​We understand that choosing to study abroad is an important decision and we thank you for your interest in Holy Spirit Prep’s International Program.  We look forward to getting to know you and your family better!

For Host Families

We are seeking host families to offer safe, friendly and comfortable home environments in which foreign students can live while they attend school and learn about American traditions and lifestyles.  Students enhance their everyday HSP experience by participating in conversations and activities with their host families, making their stay abroad personal and rich.

While hosting is a rewarding endeavor, we realize that adding a new person into your lives can change your family dynamic.  Please discuss this matter carefully with each member of your family to ensure everyone is willing to share his or her home life with the prospective student.

Thank you for your interest in participating in HSP International Program.  We appreciate your consideration in opening up your home to an international student.  Please contact Jessie Jiang for applications and information about hosting opportunities at

Jessie Jiang
International Program Coordinator