Growing in Faith

Holy Spirit Prep nurtures an environment filled with faith, incorporating it into the daily life of each student.

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Cultivating Prudence

PRUDENCE -- the ability to discern and make right decisions in life. Our academic program is designed not only to foster knowledge, but wisdom.

Holy Spirit Prep graduates matriculate to colleges and universities across the world, from Ivy League to powerhouses to world class technology centers to state flagship institutions.

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Starting in middle school, Holy Spirit Prep students are guided through structured college counseling curriculum, leading them to discover their passions, plan their academic path, and find their best college fit.

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Our graduates go on to change and shape the world in countless ways, as entrepreneurs, artists, medics, researchers, soldiers - as servant leaders and a light to the world.

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Fostering Magnanimity

MAGNANIMITY -- a greatness of character and of soul. We form students to be magnanimous, so they go through their life with a spirit of courage, joy, kindness, and generosity.


Each of HSP's four houses become a family for students in 5th-12th grade. They are HSP's laboratory of leadership, cultivating skills in students at every grade.

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We strive to be a formidable presence in the interscholastic landscape, teaching our students to be courageous in victory and charitable in defeat.

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At every grade level, students integrate arts into learning, discovering their talents, learning how to express themselves, and finding beauty.

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